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            Wheel Weight Die-casting Machine XST-C700 Series

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          2. XST presents an IDEAL SOLUTION for manufacturing quality wheel weights.


            With over 9 years researching and developing, XST presents an easy solution of manufacturing high quality wheel weights by our fully automatic die casting machine XST-C700 Series. Our machine can make either zinc (lead free) or traditional lead wheel balancing weights. XST-C700 Series provide a perfect solution for producers looking to re-equip or update their productivity and manufacturing ability. It is also a good choice for manufacturers looking to start up wheel weight business due to its initial low costs and easy operation.


            Technical data:XST-C700-Z:Zinc clip on weights, size 5gr-120grXST-C700-L:Lead clip on weights, size 5gr-120grXST-C700-T:Lead truck weights size 50gr-400grXST-C700-LA: Lead adhesive weight, forged type.



            Melting pot capacity

            90kg (Zn) /130kg (Pb)
            198lb (Zn) /286lb (Pb)


            220/380V AC/24V DC. If choose gas burner 220V AC/24V DC

            Air system

            8 MPA, Capacity 0.7CBM.

            Machine dimension

            1050x1000x1250mm ( L x W x H)

            Floor space


            Production rates

            Passenger cars weight Average 400-500pcs/hr;
            Truck weight Average 120pcs/hr

            Sprue heater


            Furnaces elements



            Important features:Innovative injection and mold design for quick die changeovers-Smart error detective and shut down system avoid material flashing-Well-designed programme ensure unified clip gap-Calculation of volume & density from 3D drawing ensure tight mass tolerance.


            Our Service:Technical support- Customer training- Spare parts distribution- Repair and service - Mould design & manufacturing.




            The machine has possessed CE certificate and Certificate of Utility Model Patent.

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